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Tento týden - The Ice Road - film bude uveden v roce 2021

The Ice Road

What the hell was that?

You heard about the cave-in.


I'm putting together a rescue mission.

We have 26 trapped miners who are running out of air I need 300 feet of pipe delivered up there in under 30 hours.

Can you make it happen?

He says you had experience on the ice rodent.


He's the mechanic.

One of the best.

Sweet Jesus.

Give me 50 bucks.

One of my drivers just became available.

What's it for?


I what ...

I told you this wasn't gonna be easy.

I'm in.

The only way up there is crossing the ice roads.

But that lake has been falling for five weeks now.

If they are able to accomplish this, we will be exposed.

So the question is time.

We've been sabotaged.

My brother is in that mine.

This is personal.

Now I'm angry.

What the hell was that?

Sweet Jesus, that ain't good.

Spreading out.

It's gonna keep cracking for two maybe three thousand meters.

We're gonna have to run tight together.


Coming loose and you're all going in.

There's no time.

We're coming ... just hang on.


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