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Tento týden - Edge Of The World - film bude uveden v roce 2021

Edge Of The World

The other side of the world. I wonder if I've gone far enough? Perhaps it's as my father said. No matter how far you run you can never escape yourself.

Do you come on behalf of England?

We are on a voyage of discovery not conquest.

God, this is paradise.

Why do I feel myself sucked deeper and deeper upriver, but I do not lose things for here I am a stranger. Even to myself.

Raiders, pirates.

I wouldn't go in there alone.

You understand our vessel has many cannons, Lord Brooke.

We would like to see these cannons.

There's more going on here than meets the eye.

You can't run from this trail.

To have peace we must make war.

This is war.

You could be a king

I was given a sword to rule a kingdom larger than England. but I've had enough of killing.

I've been living in a fantasy of my own making.

To rule the jungle I must love the jungle. All of it.

The beauty and the blood.


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