The Birth of Rome

by: Paolo Pedica (reading – 7.10. - 13.10.)

Rome is a fascinating city bringing visions of mystery, romance, and history. No matter where you look, you will hear or read about the unique and interesting happenings of Rome. Rome is an important city in today's world as the seat of Catholicism and has been an important part of the history of the world spanning an existence of 2500 years.

The birth of Rome according to whether you listen to legends or records began somewhere between April 753BC (legend) and the 9th century (record). The small village is today the center of Rome where you will find many ancient structures. When Rome was first founded, the main language was Etruscan and of course, the main population were Etruscans. By 500 BC, the Romans took control of Rome from the Etruscans and the Roman Empire began to materialize.

In 44BC, Augustus established the Roman Empire after many emperors and wars made Rome the largest city in the world. However, the great fire of Rome during the rule of Nero in 64AD could have been the end of this powerful city, but even though the majority of the city was destroyed, it was the beginning of a new Rome.

By the 3rd century, Europe was in danger along with the great city of Rome. The dangers and even invasions were on the minds of the Romans. Emperor Aurelian finally completed the wall surrounding the city of Rome.

The population of Rome declined and many of the buildings of the Medieval era began to erode. During the late middle ages, Catholicism began to be strong and the Pope established a home here, which today is known as Vatican City. At this time, the Holy Roman Empire was founded.

The Renaissance came to Rome in the 15th century and magnificent architectural works of art were created like the Saint Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. From the 15th century until 1800, Rome saw many changes from beautiful artwork to various Popes as well as monarchy governments. In 1861, Italy finally became a united country.

Today walking through the streets of Rome you can find many historical structures, buildings, ruins, monuments, and parks from days gone by all standing to remind visitors of the great past and power of the Roman Empire. With the various guided tours available, you can capture the love, passion, and power of this great city as well as embrace some of the worlds most rare and exquisite works of art whether in the way of monuments, sculptures, or paintings.

A trip to Rome, is more than just a vacation, it is a step back in time where you will feel the passion of Romans, the struggle of the Empire, and the faith of the early Christians. A family vacation in Rome is one that will leave every member of the family with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Buy and Sell Antiques with the Help of Online Portals

by: Nicolas Philipps (reading – 14.10. - 20.10.)

Having and collecting old and used antiques is a passion for many. An antique is considered as one of the most important and sought after items. They are found in every house or office. Old antiques are crafted with precision and care. It is impossible to find any fault with these items and accessories. They offer grandeur because of their classic magnificence. They are designed with patterns that bring life to the old era and age.

In today's modern world, it is just impossible to find true and authentic antiques. They are not easily available in normal furniture stores. Are you on the lookout to buy or sell antiques for your house? In case, your answer is yes, it is strongly recommended to try visiting various online portals.

Buying or selling antiques is not an easy task in this modern world. However, with the help of online portals you can now buy and sell antiques from the comfort of your home. Every person is more concerned about new and improved furniture and accessories that helps in adding beauty to their home. However, antiques are unique and add beauty to the house in the most exclusive way possible.

They are not easy to be found. They are rare and having them in your house is a great advantage. Antiques could be furniture, glassware, porcelain, pottery, collectibles, antiques and arts, antique jewels and watch and more. The best and great way to buy or sell antiques is through online portals. With the help of antique classified ads you will be able to get information about every antique that you are trying to get hold of.

These online classified advertisements help in informing where you can find or sell your desired and loved antique pieces. Earlier, buying and selling antiques was considered as a lucrative business. People used to earn loads of money as antique pieces are rare to find. The person to bid at the highest rate was given the accessory. It was done in the auction halls. However, with the new technological development you can do so online. These online portals are an easy way to auction, buy and sell antiques effectively. They are absolutely free and you can post your belongings there.

If you have problems or need a description or estimate you can seek help from professional art appraiser online. They have immense knowledge in this field and offer the right price to sell antiques. The art appraisers have worked with renowned and famous collectors and antique buyers and hence know the tricks and techniques of the auction world. The professional team has years of experience in buying, selling, and appraising which make them best in consultation, skill, and expense. It helps in connecting with the global market.

Online portals and classified ads are known as the right place to buy and sell precious pieces. To buy and sell antiques you can browse through their various plans such as bronze plan, silver plan, gold plan, and platinum plan. All of the products are categories into art, collection, furniture, home decoration and jewelry, and watches which makes your buying and selling process easier. For more information, take a quick look at the website.

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New Thoughts

by: Steve Gillman (reading – 21.10. - 27.10.)

New thoughts can come from taking a new perspective on things. One way to do that is to challenge the assumptions that exist. For example, is love really a feeling of desire or attachment? This is a common assumption, but what if we challenge this?

New Thoughts on Love

Desire and attachment can be strong feelings, and they are often called love in certain contexts. However, attachment can be for bad reasons too, right? Desire too can come from less than noble places. What is an alternative definition of love?

How about a recognition of value? Seeing the inherent value in a person, like the beauty you see in a painting or hear in a melody. You do not need to be attached or even desirous of beauty to enjoy it. You just have to recognize it. The enjoyment that you take in another's existence then could be a definition of love. At least the emotion.

Love is more than an emotion though. How much love does a mother have for her children if she feels fond towards them, but doesn't feed them? Love in this context has to include action, doesn't it?

This points up the real problem with defining concepts like love. There are seven or eight or perhaps a hundred things we want to communicate. They are each different, yet we have just one word for them. Maybe rather than re-defining love we need to create a dozen new words. Now there's an area for some new thoughts.

Random New Thoughts

Another way to have new thoughts is to just look for new ideas to replace old ones. Then you expand on the new idea, to see what value you might find in it. Here are some examples of new thoughts, without expanding on them (help yourself).

- Why do we encourage uninformed people to vote? Maybe it's better to encourage people NOT to vote, unless they are willing to educate themselves on the issues.

- Is multi-tasking really a sign of efficiency? Maybe the fact that we need to be so busy just to get what we want shows that our actions aren't effective enough.

- Why can't we pay less for a surgeon who kills more people on the operating table? Why not recognize that there are better and worse doctors, have that information available, and pay accordingly?

- How about wonder instead of faith? Faith is just believing without reason. Wonder is to marvel at the world and accept that we don't have reasons or explanations for everything.

Finally, what if our level of creativity, and ability to have new thoughts isn't just something that is set at birth. What if it is a systematic process, one that may not be recognized by those who use it, but can be identified and copied? All of us can train ourselves to have creative new thoughts.

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Sounding More Art Savvy

by: Corinne Cain (reading – 28.10. - 3.11.)

Want to sound like someone who is art savvy? Make sure you don't use the following art "faux pas."

- using the word "seriagraph" - Actually, there is no such thing as a seriagraph. What you are attempting to reference is a form of printmaking known as a serigraph, screenprint or using past terminology, a silkscreen print.

- using the word "sketches" - Those who are knowledgeable about art use the term "drawings" instead of sketches.

- using the word "picture" - The word picture suggests an item that is more decorative in nature, while the word "painting" denotes a valuable work of art. The word decorative tends to be used as a put down when commenting on the desirability of a work of art, somewhat akin to the word "interesting".

- using the words "it's just a print" - There have been prints that have sold for several hundred thousand dollars, for example, works by Mary Cassatt, Pablo Picasso, Hokusai, and Sharaku. Aside from value, some artists did not create paintings, so their entire form of expression used printmaking. Sometimes effects achieved with printmaking cannot be accomplished with painting or drawing directly. If you meant "just a reproduction or a reproductive print", then you are commenting on a photograph of an existing artwork, which does not constitute an original work of art. This is entirely proper.

- falling into the "art trap" - Whenever you are asked what you think about a painting, check to see if there are similar paintings in the room before responding. A family member or close friend may the proud artist. This is what I call the "art trap." A sharp observer will recognize that each piece is signed with the same name. Find something positive to say. Life in the art lane can be treacherous, but it is just like functioning as an expert witness. Think before you speak.

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