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Landscape Photography

by: Agnes Celina (reading – 1.4. - 7.4.)

Very few of us are not inspired by majestic mountains, wide expanses of lush green grasses, fallen autumn leaves, sunsets or dewy glow on the land in the mornings. So, photographers thought that if human mind and heart is so pleased and attracted by these landscapes and scenes, then why not capture them and possess them. As this thought aroused interest, landscape photography emerged as a very fascinating hobby as well as career.

Landscape photographers try to pick up the feel and spirit of a scene, so that the person viewing it doesn't miss on the emotions part. Now, a lot of us are interested in how to compose these landscape photographs. Well, you might go about a few instructions and make your photography improved.

First of all, try picking a really good time to capture the scene. As mentioned earlier, the reddish sunsets tinged with yellows and oranges or the soft, cool glows in the early mornings, are examples of the best time to shoot, as they create very unique impressions in the photographs. Try capturing the sky with cloud build ups or the ground covered with scattered leaves to include feel into the snapshots.

Just because it's landscape, it doesn't mean the photographs have to be horizontal all the times. In fact, you should go for the opportunity of changing the orientation to vertical whenever its possible or when you feel it would add to your variety without missing out on any element of the photograph.

In case, you use a telephoto lens, it is very hard to keep the camera very still for sharp, professional looking snapshots. In this situation go for a tripod and position it in such a manner that you don't let go of any central object. Also, try capturing an old tree or fencing or something that conveys a meaning to the viewer as it adds to your landscape shot's worth and interest.

Photographs with high color saturation and contrast usually capture more attention of the viewer. For this effect, you could attach a polarizing filter so that you capture the finest of details in every photograph you take. This is usually very helpful when taking photographs that have all light tones or dark tones that you might fear would merge together and not stand out as separate items.

You should balance the light coming from all sources in your snapshot and try capturing most of the landscape both far and near. A tip for all of the interested ones out there is try shooting the same landscape in different seasons or at different times to add to your variety and observe patterns and changes. It could be very interesting to notice how a place looks at different times of the day and the year.

A common frustrating problem which occurs in photography is leveling. For this purpose, you use a tripod with a built in level, as unleveled snaps do not seem very appealing or professional. So good luck to you with your photography experience!

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The Story Behind Hip Hop Drum Beats

by: James Z. Robinson (reading – 8.4. - 14.4.)

Nowadays hip hop is more than just drum beats, producers also use baselines and melodies in order to make beats. But it all started with the drums, for which hip hop music is known the most. Disc jockeys used to sample and isolate drums from music tracks, mostly from soul and funk music, to make their own, new sound. This was popular in the 80's, when people gathered together on block parties and used to dance on these new drum beats. Later on, the Djs started to scratch, put instrument sounds and vocals on their beats. The result was a new music genre named hip hop.

The hip hop music went through a lot of changes, but the drums are still the heart of this genre. Even big producers still work with drum machines and MPCs, like Kanye West for example. And the result is very good! It's really amazing how something that simple can become and stay so popular and move so many people all around the globe! Now, rap artists come from everywhere, Germany, Russia or Japan...

Some people say hip hop is dead, or is going to die out soon. But I don't think this is true. It has become an integral part of the music industry and it will be that way. Every year new hip hop artists come on the scene, and they are as successful as the artists in every other genre. If you are fascinated about music, like me, and especially about hip hop, you want to be part of this movement!

Either you are a rapper, singer, producer or you want to do it all yourself, there's no better time to start making your own music than now! If you are rapping or singing, you need to practice, so you have your own style, and that's the most important part. Start with freestyling over different instrumental beats, and then, when you're ready to make your own song, look for beat selling pages, let's take „“ as an example, here you can listen to samples and buy the instrumentals for an accordingly low price. If you want to produce your own beats, you should look for a good and easy to use beat making software, DUBturbo or Fruity Loops for example. You might want to read my other articles on how to make your own beats.

Just try it out! Get yourself a free demo or software if you're not sure about paying money for a product, there's plenty good software out there. Feel the vibe and let it inspire you, it's really fun!

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Spending Bali Family Holidays in Luxury

by: Ymreb Momville (reading – 15.4. - 21.4.)

Knowing Bali and Its Culture

Bali is located in the westernmost end of Indonesia (Lesser Sundra Islands), lying between Java and Lombok. It is one of the country's 33 provinces and the top among tourist destination spots. Bali's mountainous feature includes peaks over 3,000 meters in elevation. Since the island is surrounded by coral reefs, white sand beaches are very popular during summer. For art lovers, Bali provides diverse and sophisticated art forms such as sculptures, paintings, wood carvings, performing arts, and handy crafts. For those who wanted to spend their Bali family holidays in luxury, cozy villas are also available for them with private pools and spa.

Transportation Details during Family Holidays

Having Bali family holidays will be more exciting, fun, and easy when travelers know about Bali's transportation details. Since family holidays ought to be fun, it shouldn't be ruined due to direction issues and lack of guidance in terms of tourist destination spots. Ngurah Rai, Bali's international airport is located near Jimbaran at the southernmost part of the island. A coastal road surrounds the island which makes it perfect in spending holidays with kids on a road trip. An integrated areal traffic control system is also implemented in order to reduce traffic jam in the island.

Bali's Tourist Destination is Ideal for Spending Holidays with Kids

Conrad Bali boasts 6.8 acres of landscaped gardens and provides direct access to Tanjung Benoa Beach. For gourmet hunters, the spot offers five dinning options and a cool, large, outdoor lagoon pool for kids and adults. Of course, Bali family holidays won't be complete without excellent spa services which can also be found in Conrad Bali.

Some tourists consider Ramada Resort Benoa Bali, located in the south of Dua, when spending their family holidays. This resort offers a wide range of water sports aside from its pristine white beaches. According to some reviews, they have a very great time spending their holidays with kids in the resort.

Best Hotels for Bali Family Holidays

Of course, every family wants to spend their precious vacations in luxurious hotels with excellent services. Among those top hotels in Bali is the Vira Bali Hotel. This hotel is located 100 meters from Tuban beach. Aside from that, the hotel offers a restaurant, outdoor pool, and a one way shuttle service going to Kuta Beach. For those adventurers who wanted to try Balinese designs and styles, they can always stay at Bali Emerald Villas wherein luxurious private pool, personal butler, spa treatments, and laundry services awaits. Spending Bali family holidays in one of these hotels can make it unforgettable for kids and the whole family.

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Can Internet Marketing Be a Long Term Business?

by: Tanaka Ara (reading – 22.4. - 28.4.)

Here is the basic honest truth: most of the people get into Internet Marketing because they are convinced it is an easy way to earn quick money. Their approach is to make a fast website, put up some advertising and a few affiliate links and then sit back and watch while they earn real cash. There are a large amount of individuals who do this and also earn lots of money on the internet. But what if you want more than some extra or even quick cash (quick cash, naturally being a misnomer)? Can Internet Marketing really be leveraged to produce a worthwhile and long term career?

The quick and dirty answer is that yes, you are able to make Internet Marketing your long term and sustainable career. You only need to take on the project properly. The procedures and programs you use to build something to earn fast money are not all that different than the methods and systems you will use to build long term profits. So what would you do if you need to develop a sustainable career on the internet?

It is very important that the first thing you do, in order to earn long term money online, is accept the fact that you are going to have to do real work. You will have to do actual and real work on a daily basis and you will have days when you feel fantastic about what you do and days when you wish you could find something else to take on. This causes it to be just about like every other occupation that is out there. If you want to produce lasting cash flow by working lots right now and not at all later on then you are going to be in for a rude awakening in a little while. So be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

There are a few ventures that lend themselves much better to a long term career than others will. Affiliate marketing, to use one example, is a great task for someone who wants to earn money on a part time basis or to supplement your already existent income. Is it truly possible to earn a full time income in this manner? You could if you pick out only the right products and then work like crazy to promote them. A far better approach, nevertheless, is to create your own products or websites and then promote those. This gives you full control over the projects you take on and how you accomplish them. And you will end up more likely to stick with it in the long run. If you want to give a service on the web this works much the same way. Writers, for example, need to create websites for themselves and create portfolios that they can point to as examples of their work.

Finally, perhaps the most significant thing that you need to recognize is that, when you want to build a long term and reliable income on the internet, you need to truly dedicate yourself to your task. You might have fun and feel rewarded by your efforts but first you should tell yourself "yes, I really want to do this." Making a half hearted effort is not about to get you anywhere.

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Good Marketing is All About Making Friends

by: Colleen Davis (reading – 29.4. - 5.5.)

Aristotle once said, „In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. The young they keep out of mischief; to the old they are a comfort and aid in their weakness, and those in the prime of life they incite to noble deeds.“

In the past, people blamed social problems such as divorce, obesity, and homelessness to poverty, unemployment and unhappiness. But recent researches suggest that social problems are not really rooted from these areas. Rather, they result from one simple and common attitude of most people: ignoring friendship. It appears that society has continuously overlooked the importance of friendship.

In business, just like our social life, friendship plays an important role as well. Sometimes, the most difficult marketing problem can be solved easily by friendship. Think of your biggest projects and successful business deals. Looking back, you would realize that they have become successful because of your friends. By friends, we don't mean your drinking buddies, but your business associates with whom you share a more personal relationship.

It's no secret that good promotional materials do a lot in marketing your business, there's no argue about that. The right brochures, creatively designed card printing, and captivating postcards will easily build the name you want for your business. They will create customer awareness for easy recognition of your business in case the need for your products and services arise.

But a truly successful marketing campaign isn't only about the money and the materials. It is also about the relationship. After all, people do business with people. And it's not just with any person, but with people they trust and know. Once you've developed a strong bond with people you want to build a long lasting relationship, it will be easier for you to improve business relationship. Think of it this way: when your friends or someone they know need your products and services, you are mostly likely the first person they will think of.

The simple principle of friendship is actually where many businesses fail. They may have the highest grade products, the greatest services, and even the best marketing tactics, but if your business is something not of interest to the general public (such as a dental equipment store or perhaps a high end jewelry shop), making friends is the easiest and most cost effective way of ensuring the success of your business.

But how do you exactly find the friends you want to create long relationships with? It's not every day that you meet people who are willing to exchange the friendship bond with you. Here's how:

- Go around town. Most likely, your business targets customers around your area. Start by making friends with your neighbors and from there you can create your circle of friends.

- Mingle with the local trade associations. They are the best places where you will meet the right people. Interact with them and form a sincere bond with them and you will be surprised where a single act of kindness will bring you.

- Join organizations. If you have a hobby or skill, look for organizations that gather people with the same interests as you. It is here where you will find friends that are for keeps.

- Stay in touch with your old friends. A simple postcard once in a while can help keep the fire burning between you and your friends. Print cards on special occasions and even on days when you simply want to make your friends smile and send it to them. This will create a genuine and special bond with your friends who will eventually bring you business in the future.

It's really worth listening to Aristotle. Friends are surely our best refuge in good and bad times. In business, solidifying relationships with them would mean the difference between keeping customers for good or losing them forever.

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