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Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscriptions, The History

by: David Chase (reading – 2.2. - 8.2.)

It's interesting to look back at the origins of Cosmopolitan Magazine, seeing their first subscription numbers (in the 25,000) range, into what it has become now--a modern day success. Its almost amazing how the content has evolved over the years--from a one-time family magazine back in the late 19th century--to what it is now, a demographic exclusive to females. Just look at the cover art: .

Before cosmopolitan magazine experienced worldwide success, the initial founders and editors (Schlicht & Field) went out of business only 2 years after the company's launch. Only after E.D. Walker, an ex editor for Harper's Monthly purchased the rights to Cosmopolitan magazine did the business really take off. He didn't settle for the old way of doing things, with an innovative sense he introduced book reviews, serial fiction, and color illustrations to the magazine.

Only 1 year later after Cosmopolitan's booming popularity, E.D. Walker sold the company to John Brisben Walker, who quickly employed some of the nation's top writers. He went on to open a free correspondence school, which he had to retract almost immediately after only 2 weeks, more than 20,000 people signed up.

Cosmopolitan magazine was later sold to William Randolph Hearst in 1905. He began to expand the magazine by employing top writers, and investigative journalists. Some of the best articles written came from the recruiting sense of William Hearst, he employed Alfred Henry Lewis, David Graham Philips, Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis and George Bernard Shaw, whom all went on to write some of the most famous articles of their time.

As decades past, the magazine changed from strictly articles to short novels and stories, sales soared (1.7 Million copies in circulation) and over 5 million in advertising revenues in 1930. Cosmopolitan magazine proved to be an unbelievable success, after the Second World War magazine sales topped the 2 million mark. Unfortunately demand for the magazines content decreased in the 50s, circulation numbers crippled to just over a million, despite the reduced revenue cosmopolitan magazine subscriptions were still a profitable venture, even today Cosmopolitan is one of the most subscribed to magazines in the world.

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Denali National Park in Alaska

by: Ryan Tollefsen (reading – 9.2. - 15.2.)

The best sightseeing I have ever experienced was this year during a recent trip to Denali National Park in Alaska. I could not have hoped for better weather, wildlife viewing opportunities or friends to share it all with. Our accommodations at the Denali Princess Lodge were fantastic as well.

This fall I was lucky enough to get a call from my brother, an aspiring photographer. He had just been awarded a Fall Drive In Permit to Denali National Park. They are issued by lottery and allow a limited number of drivers to enter the park by vehicle. There are only four days in the entire year in which you can do this. I was thrilled, excited and eagerly awaiting my adventure of a lifetime.

We entered the Alaska Park around 4:30 am so that we could beat the other drivers and make it to a pass called Polychrome for the sunrise. Polychrome got its name for multitudes of colors displayed throughout its rocky layers. Normally this is quite a site but at sunrise it was absolutely amazing. We were also able to catch a great viewing opportunity of Mount McKinley at sunrise. There were a few people around for this and it truly was a marvelous Alaskan experience.

Next we were able to see some wildlife up close. We came across three brown bears, a mother and two cubs. They were eating berries just off the side of the road. Around the next corner we came across a pack of wolves. They were out hunting and just happened to be heading unknowingly straight towards the brown bears. We had to turn around to watch this incredible encounter and I'm glad we did.

As the wolves approached the brown bears they let their presence be known. They surrounded the bears and consistently went in close then pulled back to a safe distance while trying to drive the bears out of their territory. The mother bear was somewhat concerned because of her cubs. She kept standing up on her hind legs to see over the vegetation and follow what the wolves were up to. This of course led to many great photo opportunities. Finally after about an hour or so the bears moved back and went over the mountain to the next valley.

We continued our trek back into Denali National Park to the very end of the road. Roughly 90 miles back you will find Wonder Lake. Alaska has many beautiful lakes but this one was simply amazing. The water was crystal clear and so calm you could see the reflection of Mount McKinley just as if you were looking into a mirror. We spent some time at the little pullout that the park has there and then began our return trip.

On the way back out we saw several moose. This time of year the moose in Alaska are in rut and you will find many Bull Moose ready to compete for the females. We only saw a little confrontation between the moose however we did see several Bull Moose with racks that had to have measured over 60 inches wide. That is quite impressive by all accounts.

We came across several Alaskan Dall sheep, more brown bears, a beaver, spruce hens, a falcon and a plethora of ground squirrels. The fall colors were out, the sky was blue and this was definitely a once in a lifetime trip through Denali National Parks in Alaska. In my opinion, it was well worth the cost of the travel to Alaska.

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Louis Vuitton Handbags
- Unique Fashion That Enhances Your Sense of Style

by: Korbin Newlyn (reading – 16.2. - 22.2.)

One of the top designers in terms of travel bags and leather goods is Louis Vuitton. If one of your goals is to enhance your wardrobe then Louis Vuitton handbags are definitely a must-have. You can choose from several different varieties of bags, and the new up and coming season brings about great new designs from the manufacturer that you will love, no matter what your style. This article goes into some information about the new arrivals, in addition to the best places to buy your new purse.

Wallets by Louis Vuitton are just as fashionable as the purses, and there are a quite few styles that are available as well. You can buy the conventional design wallet, which is dark brown leather with the tan Louis Vuitton symbols appearing throughout the wallet. The Pochette is another type of Louis Vuitton wallets for you to take a look at; the wallets are small enough in size for you to carry anywhere, but will certainly fit all your important items, so some individuals just use it as a small purse.

Various Lines and Styles

Louis Vuitton handbags are classic in style, but the appearance is always changed somewhat in order to give you something fresh and new to select from for the season. The Tivoli GM, for instance, has the classic Louis Vuitton print, but it has a shape similar to a bowling bag, giving you extra room to store your items. The purse also has base studs so that you can sit it on the floor or other flat surface without having to concern yourself about it tumbling over.

The Palermo PM is one of the new Louis Vuitton handbags that is excellent for traveling, since it comes equipped with an added strap for you to wear across the shoulder in case you are carrying any heavy items in the bag, but the Beverly handbag line is smaller and more pragmatic for everyday use. It has a more vintage shape to it, and it's very feminine. These bags all have a similar print, but the design and shape of them make them oriented to different styles and preferences.

Places To Research and Buy

If you want to find out where you can purchase Louis Vuitton handbags, you can visit the designer online resource at Louisvuitton to get descriptions of each handbag and to find out about the various costs and other great Louis Vuitton accessories. You can also visit the online destination Handbagcrew and Overstock to find reduced prices on wallets and purses by the designer. You can also discover other great designers on these sites that have the same quality, and you will be able to see just how much you will save by buying on these sites--the prices you would actually pay in a department store are ordinarily much more. Happy shopping!

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Differences Between Online and Offline Business

by: Tsuyoshi Suzuki (reading – 23.2. - 1.3.)


Online marketing is a billion dollar industry that is fast overtaking the traditional means of advertising. Online marketing, (also known as web marketing, search engine marketing, SEO or internet marketing) is vital in today's internet savvy world. It has been proven to be the most cost effective investment in capturing targeted product enquiries and online sales, resulting in a growth for your bottom line and your business. It helps you to promote your business and is extremely cost effective and measurable. Differences Between Online & Offline Business.


Internet marketing is associated with several business models. More and more market sellers are putting their items up for sale online and running their business out of their homes. For both companies and consumers that participate in online business, security concerns are very important. The main models include business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). Are only experienced in some areas of online marketing and will sell you this whether it's right for your business or not. Most companies will promise you the world to get your business. It allows people to stay in touch, information to be found quickly, and businesses to reach potential clients all on a much more cost effective basis than ever before.


The Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing including low costs in distributing information and media to a global audience. The interactive nature of Internet media, both in terms of instant response, and in eliciting response at all, are both unique qualities of Internet marketing. Internet marketing is the process of growing and promoting an organization using online media. Compared to traditional media, such as print, radio and TV, Internet marketing can have a relatively low cost of entry.


Internet marketing strategy includes all aspects of online advertising products, services, and websites, including search engine marketing, public relations, social media, market research, email marketing, and direct sales. But what most companies overlook is that before you do any form of web marketing you need to have a clear out that will work for your particular business, in your particular industry. Do not focus first on understanding your business and creating the correct marketing strategy, instead they blast away with your dollars and hope for the best. A well thought through this system strategy demands thorough understanding of the internet. Online marketing website providing simple easy to understand tactics and information on how to implement a successful online marketing strategy for your website. Due to the increase number of search engine users it is advisable to have an impelling Online Marketing strategy to make a good business.


Online marketing has been proven to be the most cost effective investment in capturing targeted product enquiries and online sales, resulting in a growth for your bottom line and your business. Online marketing helps you to promote your business on the Internet and eMarketer provides the information marketers need to keep up-to-date with trends and developments in online marketing and emerging media. Therefore, the website owner could make use of the many online marketing companies.

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