What do you know about Vodka?

by: Dean Winchester (reading – 5.11. - 11.11.)

When you think about vodka you think about just hanging out with friends and having a great time. It is the time when people get together to share good times and create new memories. This is flavored drinks and cocktail hour.

Different Types of Vodka

Drinking vodka means that you have choices and options to the type that you are going to have. There are Russian vodkas, neutral vodka, flavored vodka and regional touch. With all of the brands of vodka that you have to choose from you may want to try them all to find a favorite. This can be especially tricky when you start looking at the vodka flavors that you have to choose from. The best vodka type is going to depend upon your taste. One that you may like to try is vodka red. The red vodka brands are special on their own.

Popular Brands to Try

Perhaps you have seen brands other than Absolut when it comes to vodka but you may be undecided on trying something new. You can look at a vodka review to get an idea of which ones you may want to try so you can get an idea of what else is out there. A few are SKYY, Smirnoff and White Diamond. All great choices but, you are going to find that Absolut will rank number one and a little lower on the list is Stolichnaya. Again, good vodka does not need to be expensive as they are all a distilled drink.

Prices of Vodka

When you start to look at vodka prices you are going to notice that they can go from very cheap to very expensive. A vodka bottle can go from $20 or less (depending on the size and brand) to $60 and over. If you are looking to try something new you may want to check out a review to an idea on one that is expensive. That way you can make a decision on whether or not you want to even give it a chance.

Popular Vodka Drinks

Even if you do not like the taste of vodka on its own, you may like many of the mixed drinks that it is made with. It is even possible that you have a favorite and did not even know that vodka was in it. There are many vodka cocktails such as the salty dog, sex on the beach, screwdriver and even black Russian. Perhaps you have found your own vodka recipes that you like to create. These are a few of the more popular drinks that have people coming back for more. If you are worried about the calories in vodka then know that there are 64 to a shot and 69 in the flavored. Vodka mixes and vodka mixed drinks are going to be the ones that have the most calories in them.

A Few Facts

In the early 1800’s, vodka made its appearance and it did not take long before it became a household name. The brand of Absolut has its very own Hollywood Star and they support different functions and national sponsorship. Although they advertise drinking they are also about supporting the community and promoting safe drinking.

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Credit card - Advantages and disadvantages

by: Carmin Olivier (reading – 12.11. - 18.11.)

A credit card can be an asset to your lifestyle, but if not handled carefully it can become a liability, especially if you find it so convenient and easy to use that you lose control of your spending.

This short guide will help you understand how you can use your credit card so it works to your advantage, not against you.

A credit card can:
1. Offer free use of funds, provided you always pay your balance in full, on time.
2. Be more convenient to carry than cash.
3. Help you establish a good credit history.
4. Provide a convenient payment method for purchases made on the Internet and over the telephone.
5. Give you incentives, such as reward points, that you can redeem.

On the other hand, credit cards can:
1. Cost much more than other forms of credit, such as a line of credit or a personal loan, if you don't pay on time.
2. Damage your credit rating if your payments are late.
3. Allow you to build up more debt than you can handle.
4. Have complicated terms and conditions.

What is a credit card?
A credit card is more then a simple piece of plastic, it is first and foremost a flexible payment tool accepted at 30 million locations worldwide, and if the card balance is paid off every month, then no interest is charged on purchases made so, essentially, short-term credit is granted without the consumer paying any interest.

Among its many features it provides:
1. Access to unsecured credit (no collateral required against amounts charged)
2. Interest-free payment from time of purchase to the end of the billing period
3. Instant payment of purchases, allowing for instant receipt of goods and services
4. 24/7 access
5. Fraud protection

However before you decide to use your credit card, carefully consider all of the factors and weigh them against your personal needs and values.

What about credit card control?
Handling money and credit cards wisely is a talent few of us are born with. But it is a skill that can easily be learned. The place to start is with budgeting.

What is a Budget?
It's simply an organized way of managing your finances, basically, it gives you an overall picture of where your money is coming from, when it's coming in and how it's being spent. A budget should be flexible, changing according to your circumstances.

Why Budget?
Budgeting helps us achieve short-term goals like paying the monthly bills on time; it's also for longer-term financial goals like buying a home, a car, paying for an education, a wedding or a holiday. When you take control of your financial affairs, you're more confident about the future.

A budget is key to financial control. It gives you a "Polaroid picture" of where you stand financially and where you're heading.

Credit card control tips
Use a low or no-fee credit card and save on the annual fee that some companies charge.

Only charge to your credit cards what you can pay off in full when the bill comes.

You might not use your credit card as much if you start believing that you have to pay off your entire balance at the end of each month.

A good way to help to reduce what you pay on your credit card is to search for a card with a lower interest rate. Many financial institutions now offer at least one of these types of cards.

Remember that when you take a cash advance on your credit card, the interest starts accumulating immediately and not on the due date of your credit card bill.

Also keep in mind that if you make only the minimum monthly repayment you may never get out of debt.

The main advantage of having a credit card is convenience but if you're not good at budgeting and managing your finances, the over-use of credit cards can leave you with a debt that's very difficult to pay back.

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Outsourcing Basics

by: Jay Arenas (reading – 19.11. - 25.11.)

Outsourcing nowadays has turned into an effective trend for firms belonging in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Tasks that are classified as operations and developments are usually those being outsourced. If you ask why companies resort to outsourcing, the straight answer for this is to cut down on cost without compromising the quality of service and still be able to meet clients needs. It is a fact that IT companies have so many ongoing projects. Software Development could sometimes be eating too much of their time, which is why they seek outsourcing service for the job. But IT firms should also be careful in choosing outsourcing companies.

Below are some reminders.

1) Know what you need

Set specific goals and the requirements to meet such goals. Having sufficient information on a particular project provides a set of qualifications allowing you to be able to pick the right IT outsourcing firm fit for the job.

2) Get quotes

Once you have outlined your project, look for IT outsourcing firms that offer the service you need. It is advisable to ask for written quotes from three or more different IT outsourcing companies. Compare and evaluate the rates and the extent of the service they could provide.

3) Do Background checks

As part of your research after you have shortlisted three IT outsourcing firms for your project, try to get feedback from past clients. By doing so this would give you an idea of how the IT outsourcing firm works.

Furthermore, it will help you come up with the wise decision in choosing the right firm you naturally may feel best for the job.

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How to Remove a Computer Virus

by: Donald Chambers (reading – 26.11. - 2.12.)

If you have used a computer long enough, then you have probably had a virus infect your computer at some point. You know how annoying and potentially dangerous they can be to your PC and you wish you knew how to remove a computer virus. There are many ways to take care of this problem, but only a few of them are really good. Using a high quality anti adware and spyware software has helped to clear up my PC of annoying pop ups and increased its speed significantly.

There are several good programs to use that are trusted by millions of people the world over. Most users are not that technically savvy so they will not know the extent of the damage that a virus has done to their computer. Downloading this program will not only get to the root of the problem, but it will kill it as well.

One of the better things about this is that you do not have to be a technical geek to be able to use it. The directions are easy to follow and very effective at getting the job done correctly. There are only a few steps involved and at a certain point, all you have to do is sit back and let the program work its magic. This is the ideal program for those whose lives are busy and do not have the time to babysit the process.

There are many ways that a PC can get infected and viruses are always updating themselves as to how to infect your computer. They are sneaky like this and it is why they are constantly coming back. Anti adware software knows this and keeps itself updated as well with the latest methods that can effectively thwart those attacks. It can be seen as a battle of wits that anti adware programs are winning.

In addition to cleaning up and destroying the viruses in your PC, this anti adware program can also immunize your system so it doesn't get sick again. This is the best plan of attack that there is if you think about it. It's like a preventative maintenance program for your computer. It is effective, quick, and it leaves no stone unturned.

Once the virus is gone and your system has been immunized, then the anti-adware program implements the scanning process. This is a very neat and useful tool that allows you to periodically check on the status of your system. It knows what it is looking for and if it finds adware, it will notify you of the issue.

As mentioned before, we all have busy lives that are run more effectively when on a schedule. The scanning process is no different in that you can set up a certain date and time for the scanning to take place. This way, if there is a problem, you can take care of it right away.

One reason why some viruses are so damaging to a person's system is that they are left undetected for long periods of time. The quicker you can identify the problem, the quicker you can fix it. Your PC has some very sensitive and important information on it, and the anti adware program can help you keep it all safe. I am glad that all the spyware, adware and viruses on my computer are all gone now all thanks to high quality software which I downloaded and would highly recommend it.

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