APRIL 2016

Jungfrau: Switzerland's Top School Ski Trip Destination

by: Susan Joubert (reading – 7.3. - 13.3.)

The rewards of a school ski trip are many, and the right destination is key to ensuring a well-rounded trip. Jungfrau in Switzerland is one of the best.

The rewards of a school ski trip are many: the opportunity for students to discover a new part of the world, test new skills, and spend time with each other, as well as the physical challenge and the fun of it, make it an excellent way to provide a well-rounded and confidence-boosting experience. To ensure their trip fulfils this potential, trip leaders need to be selective when it comes to the planning of it - and particularly when it comes to choosing a destination. With its extensive ski slopes and stunning location, the area around Jungfrau, one of Switzerland's finest mountains, is an ideal choice. Located in the picturesque Bernese Alps, with a lively atmosphere and superlative reputation as a winter sports destination, Jungfrau has it all. Read on to find out more.

Skiing in Jungfrau

While there are many elements that make Jungfrau an excellent option for a school ski trip, the foremost factor is the quality and quantity of its facilities. The destination is home to three excellent skiing areas: Wengen, Grindelwald, and KleineScheidegg & Mannlichen. Not only does this mean students will never find themselves bored or out of new options to try - it also provides one of the most flexible snow experiences in Europe, with something to suit every ability level. At one end of the scale are the gentle nursery slopes; at the other, the World Cup course. Highlights include the pristine slopes around Wengen, accessible only by railway, and the exciting options offered by Grindelwald - including a snowboarding half-pipe.

Evening Activities

No school ski trip is complete without good apres-ski activities, and while staying in the Jungfrau area there are plenty of options for keeping young people entertained in the evenings. Winding down the muscles after a day on the slopes is important, and there is a range of physical activities on offer to provide the perfect evening workout, including swimming and snowshoeing. For a fun and active evening, the local ice rink is a good option, and other nights can be spent socialising at the hotel or dancing at a disco.

Around Jungfrau

While skiing may be the main focus of a school ski trip, it is especially rewarding to pick a destination that has interesting sights and activities beyond the slopes, and the Jungfrau area has plenty to offer. Filled with the lively cosmopolitan buzz that Switzerland is known for, the mountain towns provide all the atmosphere and culture that a trip leader could hope for. Well worth a visit is the Jungfraujoch, a pass between the Jungfrau and Monch mountains, which is home to a number of excellent attractions, including Europe's highest railway station, viewing platforms overlooking the stunning Aletsch Glacier, and the Ice Palace, an impressive gallery of ice sculptures. Visiting Jungfraujoch by train is also a great way to enjoy the breathtaking alpine scenery.

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Susan Joubert works for Ski Plan Travel, the market leaders in excursions for schools. Experts in arranging a school ski trip itineraries, Ski Plan has over 14 years experience organising safe and successful tours. We arrange courses with an extensive range of resorts for the best student experience.

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K9 Dog Training

by: Alexander Sutton (reading – 14.3. - 20.3.)

K9 Dog Training can mean a number of things, since the word K9 sounds so similar to canine, it is commonly used in civilian dog training facilities as part of their name. However, its origins come from dog based units in the military. Now the term is much more closely associated with police and military dogs.

Police K9 units are more common than ever. In the war against drugs, a dog's keen sense of smell is one of the law's greatest weapons. A properly trained drug sniffing dog can identify the smell of narcotics, even when blocked by overpowering smells, such as coffee grounds; an ability that a human certainly does not have.

Also in the police K9 units are especially useful in chases. While all officers undergo rigorous physical training, it is quite possible to outrun them, but not quite as possible to outrun a German Shepherd that has undergone specialized K9 Dog Training with the police department.

These attack dogs are trained particularly well, and taught very specifically to never hurt, but to disable. By locking onto a foot or an arm and then dragging the suspected felon down, the dog allows his police partners to catch up and perform the arrest, without having to resort to the use of guns.

The military has also found use for its own brand of K9 Dog Training. Especially in the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, the ability for a dog to sniff out explosives has proved invaluable for soldiers of all nationalities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reconnaissance is another specialty of the military pooch. The dogs are fitted with a head camera, a microphone, and a transmitter in their ears, so that ranking officers can issue commands to dogs and use them as a discrete mobile surveillance unit.

But if you think these dogs are all bark, you have an unpleasant surprise coming. These dogs undergo a heavy dose of Combat K9 Training, and some are even fitted with titanium caps to their teeth. In fact the Navy Seal unit that caught Osama Bin Laden had some of these warrior dogs with them during the operation. Now that's a dog whose bite is worse than its bark.

So whether your dog training needs are something as simple as basic sit and stay commands or prepping for major organization task forces, there is an appropriate dog training program for your needs.

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Team Building Days - White Water Rafting

by: Robert MacLaren (reading – 21.3. - 27.3.)

There's nothing like the whiff of fear to motivate people, and that's why many corporate team building sessions involve an element of adventure activity such as white water rafting.

Teamwork is highly valued in most workplaces as it is a proven way of getting complex jobs done and achieving goals. When a job requires several people with different skills and personalities to be involved, it usually runs more smoothly when those people set their egos aside, respect each other and communicate with each other.

Many organisations spend time and money motivating their staff and encouraging them to work more closely together as a team. Often this is done at a formal "away day" outside normal working hours and away from the office.

Team building can happen naturally anyway, through informal socialising between colleagues, and through experience of working together on projects. Formal sessions sometimes become essential when new people have joined a company, upsetting the equilibrium of a team, or when departments or companies are being merged and underlying rivalries or grudges have to be addressed.

One way to help cement the working relationships between team players is to set them a task where it feels as if their lives depend on helping each other. An adventure activity like rafting down a fast flowing river together is the perfect way to combine this sense of co-dependency with the thrill of a fun and challenging outdoor activity. Each person in the raft or boat has a paddle, and navigating around rocks and rapids requires everyone to paddle at the right time. Although it is a safe activity when supervised by an experienced guide and booked with a reputable company, there is a constant element of danger which acts as a great motivating factor. Unlike some outdoor adventure activities, rafting doesn't require a high level of fitness, and large groups can be split into teams competing for the fastest run, best style or "loudest screaming".

Professional and experienced white water rafting companies can tailor the experience to suit a team's needs by offering the most suitable location, whether a slow river or a rushing torrent, and by providing transport and accommodation. There are lots of rafting rivers in the UK, as well as all over the world if you want to make it a really big adventure. Your guide can help to enrich the experience by bringing out the theme of the day, or setting the scene for role playing exercises. If anyone falls out of the boat their team mates will need to work together to help them back onboard. Whatever happens on the rafting trip, everyone will have been on an emotional journey together and will want to share the memories of the thrills and spills with each other afterwards.

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The Revolutionary FF: Complete Control

by: El Camino (reading – 28.3. - 3.4.)

The Ferrari FF is the most exclusive GT on the market, the very pinnacle of achievement in the "extreme GT" segment and it is considered the most powerful four-seater in the world. The FF has it all: exceptional, superior performance in its class that pushes its signature Ferrari thoroughbred DNA and driving pleasure, regardless of weather or terrain. Even on snow, ice and dirt. The Ferrari FF is the first four-wheel drive V12 with a rear-mounted electronic differential, the E-Diff, setting a new benchmark in terms of pure innovation.

Driving the FF is like having the world's most intuitive driving coach with you, only powered by a V12 engine. The car knows in advance what the driver needs. Despites its size and power, the FF is really a very tractable car; not to mention incredibly supple in the way it deals with the sort of rough road conditions that would have limited an Enzo to low speed with the raised ride height in operation. The Ferrari FF is extremely comfortable even in the back seats.

There is a new multi-link rear suspension to thank for that, as well as a new wishbone design in the front suspension architecture and clever adaptive damping. The FF, like all modern Ferraris, is thoroughly usable, but still powered by one of the most astonishing engines you will ever come across. The engine is a new, 6.3 liters in capacity, it pumps out a faintly startling 660 hp and revs to a stunning 8,200 rpm. There are no turbochargers or other agents of forced induction hereabouts, and the result is a car that pulls like the proverbial freight train. The FF is a Ferrari definitive Gran Turismo, so it accelerates to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds and thunder on to 320 km/h with no pause for thought. Where conditions permits it will also settle into a phenomenally relaxed motorway cruise. It should also be noted that the Ferrari FF's V12 uses direct injection to improve its emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

The new Ferrari offers passengers their own information read-out, in a sliver of screen just above the glove box, which they can alternate between power distribution, rev counter, speed and gear ratio read-out.

For those who wish to carry four adults to the ski chalet or sample a truly world-class powertrain and some of the most dazzling chassis technology ever to appear in a motor car, the FF is arguably the most complete Ferrari ever made.

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